The adoption of cryptocurrencies

Every innovation is driven by a latent and often massive need; this is the case of cryptocurrencies, which suggest an alternative to the centralization of traditional financial systems and aim to provide transparency and versatility in the use of payment mechanisms.

However, for this technology to be truly accepted and used by a high percentage of humanity, it needs to be adopted on a daily basis. In other words, that they can truly be used for everything, without limitations, without restrictions and without friction.

For this reason, the emergence of projects that give usability to this technology in the everyday world is extremely necessary, as is the case of EFY Finance, which connects crypto-investors and crypto-savers with the needs of off-chain or real-world business capital.

The above is of utmost importance, as it enables the generation of non-speculative and 100% real returns, supported by the placement of hedged and collateralized business loans.

Thus, we take a step towards the adoption of crypto in an ecosystem that moves 90% of the world’s financial resources, the business ecosystem.

And we are able to bring the result of the use of this technology to emerging markets such as Latin America, encouraging the adoption and massification of the use, holding and investment of Stable Coins in everyday life.

EFY Finance: Driving traditional markets into the future.

Invest today in a better future.