Stable Coins for the adoption of Cryptocurrencies

Financial systems have had important updates over the years, from the passage through the exchange, to the generation of currencies backed by precious metals that humanity has experienced.

Today the time is for cryptocurrencies, which have undoubtedly been the most important financial innovation of the last decades.

Cryptocurrencies are nothing more than the unchanging representation of the traditional digitized financial system, in other words, the decentralized management and price variation by free demand based on the general market orientations of a digital financial exchange system.

Now, with the emergence of bitcoin and its recent mass adoption as a store of value asset, the rise of cryptocurrencies has been intensifying; however, currently about 3% of the world’s population owns some form of these assets.

This is where Stable Coins come to play a fundamental role in the adoption of digital finance and crypto itself.

Stable currencies, also known as stable coins, are nothing more than the digital and decentralized representation of the world’s main fiat currencies; the best known and most widely used are those that provide parity with the U.S. dollar.

Now, why do Stable Coins help the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the general population?

Many countries that have been suffering currency devaluations due to the strength of the fiat dollar against their currencies have found a refuge from central government control in this technology.

People in general do not like to speculate or have to invest to wait for an asset to go up in value, they simply do not want to lose the value of their current wealth and what they commonly know. For this reason, Bitcoin, Ethereum and volatile cryptocurrencies had not generated as much adoption in humanity as with the emergence of Stable Coins.

For this reason, Stable Coins become the fundamental pillar of the connection between a world for digital investors and the traditional finances of ordinary people. A balance between decentralization and economic stability linked to what we all know, that is what Stable Coins are.

And you, do you already protect your assets in a decentralized way?

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