The volatility of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are by nature volatile because they do not generate cash flow, but are an asset that moves in many ways with market speculation. That is why since its emergence it seeks to control this instability and as a solution are born stablecoins, cryptos that are intended to maintain a price with little variation and among them are: USDT, USD Coin, Finance USD, among others.

The aforementioned stablecoins are backed by the US dollar and managed by large companies that act as a central entity.

Among the most valuable is USDT and the advantage of acquiring it is its stable price: 1 USDT is equal to 1 USD, in addition to its massive adoption in Latin America, becoming another asset in the traditional exchange houses of some countries; all this has led it to position itself as the most popular cryptocurrency above bitcoin and ether.

And if you ask yourself, should stablecoins be trusted, the answer is yes!

This is because these stablecoins use commodities (raw materials) and among these are gold, silver, diamond or oil.

For example, according to bit2me Digix Gold is a stablecoin which states that each gram of gold is equal to a DGX token. In this way it manages to provide the crypto-asset with a balance in its price. In this case, the gold is also held in bullion as a reserve. This allows them to be certified and audited by a reliable third party, providing certainty of its backing. 

Therefore, investing in stablecoins is the best option in the digital era, because a stable and decentralized digital currency could become a global medium of exchange; in addition, they seek to reduce supply chain costs and international trade by eliminating intermediaries. 

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