Is it possible to live on passive income in Latin America?

Beautiful beaches, warm people and welcoming cities, among other benefits of living in Latin America.

The cost of living in countries with a certain degree of stability in Latin America can be up to 5 times lower than living in the United States, making it a frequent destination for many investors, digital nomads and current entrepreneurs to live and enjoy without having to pay excessive costs for a good standard of living.

Now, depending on the lifestyle you want to lead in Latin America and the country selected, the cost of living changes, so for purposes of determining whether it is possible to live in Latin America from passive income we will take an example of a couple without children with a normal lifestyle without anything missing: apartment, new car, dining out, going to parties and carefree market. (It should be noted that depending on the amount of luxuries values may change and the information presented is only a didactic example).

For the above we will require a monthly income of 3,000 USD, how do I get it without having to work?

Well, I present to you EFY Finance: A platform where your capital works for you by investing in corporate debt portfolios that are not only backed by institutions but also have portfolio insurance and active guarantee schemes.

And yes, it’s a safe and reliable platform.

Evidently a platform linked to the corporate credit ecosystem maintains returns proportional to the sector it is in, so as of the date of this article the maximum returns to be received are 24% APY (annual).

Now, going back to the previous example, how much capital do I need to have to live without worrying about my income in Latin America?

To generate 3,000 USD per month of return in passive income we must have the following:

1. An account in app.efy.finance

2. A Capital of 200.000 USD in Stablecoins (USDT/USDC/BUSD/DAI)

3. Make an investment of 200,000 USD in Stablecoins for a minimum term of 12 months in EFY Finance, which as of the date of this article will be able to pay you 18% APY (annual).

And that’s it, you can live in Latin America without worrying about your monthly income and enjoy its paradisiacal beaches, beautiful people and human warmth.

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